Yes, Definitely yes, without getting a certificate for a well known yoga institution, it is better not to teach yoga (unless you are a realised yogi). Certified yoga is always best because you are going to teach yoga for many thousands of people and you should always keep in mind that their safety is of most important than anything else.

“We teach Hatha Yoga as a transformative process. The transformation will not only be on the level of your body but in the way you are.” – Sadhguru

If anybody expresses any interest in practicing yoga including yourself, if you get interested in doing more dimensions of yoga, never take instructions from anybody who is just a practitioner, especially never take instructions from a book or a video

Yoga certification – A responsibility

it is totally irresponsible to do that, when I say irresponsible does it mean, is it going to kill you?

Yes that can also happen, but if that happens I don’t think its a big problem. I don’t think its a big problem if someone dies but if somebody lives and misses the possibility of knowing his life in much deeper way that pains me.

See when I say, harm will happen to you it is not necessary that something should break in you or you should fall ill or something, you missed the possibility of knowing isn’t that harm enough?

Isn’t that a terrible harm? See somebody caused harm to you doesn’t mean you are young you’re growing up somebody caused harm to you doesn’t mean necessarily they have to shoot at you somebody made sure that you did not get your education is that bad enough?…Yes? isn’t it bad enough? So this is just like that on a much deeper level but the same thing, somebody denied you a possibility that’s bad enough isn’t it?

It is not that something has to grow wrong in terms of your physical health or something else, but that can also happen without a committed atmosphere there should be no transmission of Yoga. Most people in the world will do better without yoga than with yoga,

Now you know my whole activity in India mostly is in Southern most part of India and now we have come to Bombay and other places but where I come from my native place

No relations while teaching yoga

I don’t teach there all my friends and family whatever I know I never thought them Yoga unless they come here wherever I am.

So when I go sometimes visiting so the first question, these days they’ve given up otherwise the question is always what you’re teaching yoga all over the world why don’t you teach me yoga, my back is hurting no yoga in uncommitted atmospheres to tell you how, to what extent I hope you understand this is the right perspective.

My mother was ill a few years ago, eight, nine years ago, I’m sorry Ioosing track of time, thirteen, fourteen years ago seriously ill we know that shes going to die my father being a physician my family is much more aware that she had a short span of time and that’s the time a lot of somehow people are coming home and telling my mother oh you should see the yoga program you must attempt,

she’s spiritually inclined, she’s been initiated in a very early age at something but that’s all, as her death came closer she said I want to experience this, I want to experience meditation.

I said ok and I will organize a class in the you come shes in a bad condition but she could come as for me should come, I could take her and do it but my father being a physician says no way is she going to leave the house for three and half hours and sit there somewhere and anything may happen you know, if you want at home you do whatever no going and sitting in the class, I will not allow such a thing because she’s not in that kind of condition.

I said its okay, she can come but you know he is the senior man and you know how it is but my mother repeatedly expressing I want to experience meditation I said you convince him and come somehow anyway you’re going to die what is there if you fall dead in my class you just have three four months left so suppose you die two months early what is going to happen you do what yo want to do, isn’t it?

But that’s not how a doctor sees it. He want to stretch it to the last minute she wouldn’t have fallen dead I would have made sure that she experienced something truly worthwhile but this didn’t happen this went on twice I fixed programs so its convenient for her to come and attend but..

Teach in a committed atmosphere

no I refuse to teach it an uncommitted way, as a mother if you sit with me I’m not interested in teaching any yoga to any mother or sister or whatever nonsense if you sit with me, you have to sit right, properly otherwise  there’s no question no point because it will not be what it should be so she died without yoga.

Why I’am telling you this is that’s how it is held, not because of some extreme attitude because we know the implications of what it is out of over eagerness or plain ignorance or because of commercial interests today,

yoga is being thought everywhere without any sense once you do this you will see you will kill the whole science, modern science when it was evolving in the early twenties in the early part of the twentieth century 

All kinds of fake scientists came up and started claiming all kinds of fantastic inventions, those days inventing something was fashionable, because so many new things are happening everybody is claiming all kinds of fantastic inventions then the responsible scientific community took time off from their work and established safeguards so that misuse of science does not happen. Science has reached this point today as quickly as it has, only because of those safeguards. Similarly, in the spiritual processes in India there were very rigid safe guards so that misuse and misinterpretation and damage does not happen but in the last 100-200 years either because some people are over eager or they just plain ignorant or they are unscrupulous,

people have taken away all safeguards, you can teach yoga in the beach, you can teach yoga in the theater, you can teach yoga in aerobic class, you can just do it anywhere isn’t it? THIS WILL NOT BRING WELL BEING

There’s no question about that, oh my back ache went away, you are happy your backache went away but you don’t know what you missed and you did not touch other  dimensions of life, you did not create the possibility of slowing moving into other dimensions

so, don’t attempt teaching yoga, or reading books and then trying to learn yoga. Please do not do such things

 They are some people who teach yoga properly, you can learn from them, this dimension of yoga should be taught in a very committed atmosphere. You will bring more harm than well being


Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher Training trains in various aspects…

Initially, yoga was imparted by the Adiyogi (the first yogi), Shiva, over 15,000 years ago. It was Adiyogi who introduced to humanity the idea that one can evolve beyond one’s present level of existence. He poured this knowing into the legendary Sapta Rishis, or “seven sages,” who carried this powerful yogic science to various parts of the world, including Asia, ancient Persia, northern Africa, and South America.

For generations, countless masters, holding it above their own lives, have passed on this sacred thread of knowledge without a single distortion.

Classical yoga comprises of various methods to elevate and purify one’s energies and raise one’s perception to its peak. Today, however, the refined tools of classical yoga have been largely lost or grossly distorted due to socio‐cultural misunderstandings that have accumulated over many centuries.

Some of best books on understanding what is yoga and how it works – here are some books.Remember these books are not meant to see and learn yoga from books, only to understand its depth and science

Only in a very few places, the classical system endures with its full vibrancy and sanctity. Moreover, access to this system has been traditionally reserved for the hardiest seekers and monks who devote their entire lives to spiritual sadhana and austerity.

Isha Hatha Yoga School delivers classical Hatha Yoga in its full depth and dimension. It is Sadhguru’s vision to offer this ancient science in all its purity and make it available to every individual. As a step towards realizing this vision, he has devised the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program. In this program, Hatha Yoga is taught in the beautiful ashram setting of the Isha Yoga Center, India under the grace of a living master. Upon completion of the program, trainees will have the privilege and fulfillment of bringing this knowledge to many more people.

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  1. Upa Yoga
  2. Angamardana
  3. Surya Kriya
  4. Yogasana
  5. Bhuta Shuddhi

Other Aspects Include:

  1. Surya Shakti
  2. Kriya
  3. Pranayam
  4. Bandhas
  5. Mantra Yoga
  6. Nada Yoga
  7. Bhakti Sadhana
  8. Guided Meditations
  9. Anatomy and Physiology

Students will learn the relevance and application of these foundational principles to the practice of yoga.

Yogic Physiology

Students will learn about subtler aspects of the human body from a yogic perspective.

Science of Siddha Medicine

Students will be introduced to the science of Siddha medicine and its complementary application with the science of Yoga.

Sacred Places

Students will have the unique opportunity to visit places in South India which are of significance to the yogic tradition, as well as perform site-specific sadhana specifically devised by Sadhguru to evolve one’s inner experience, appreciation, and understanding of the science of yoga. Students will also have the rare opportunity to pilgrimage to some of South India’s most powerful sites, located in the nearby Velliangiri Mountains.

Yogic Principles and Lifestyle

Students will learn the principles of a yogic lifestyle, which will be reflected in their daily schedule and life at the Yoga Center.

Pancha Bhuta Aradhana

A powerful process of Bhuta Shuddhi, purification of the five elements, will be offered to participants at the Dhyanalinga yogic temple on a specific day of the month known as Shivarathri. The qualities of each of the five elements are made accessible through a powerful process involving mantra (sound), yantra (form), tantra (technology), and sarvanga sadhana (using the human body as an instrument of worship). The material form of each element, along with its corresponding mantra and an elaborate series of movements, are designed to create a certain reverberation, thus harmonizing this element within the human system.


Students will learn about a conducive diet for practicing Hatha Yoga. Beyond mere do’s and don’ts, the curriculum looks in depth at the effect of particular foods on the system and how different foods can support or restrict one’s physical and spiritual development.

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