First rule to remember is meditation is not a task that you do, it is a QUALITY.

Simple way to meditate is to focus on breath and most people do it in the wrong way as no one cleared mentioned on what to focus on breath.

Focusing on breath means focusing on the natural movement of breath, as we know that most of the times breath happens naturally in the default state, so when you do meditation focus on this natural movement of inhalation and exhalation.

It is also very important what are things that don’t work for meditation, since meditation is not a task, it is a quality that we need to acquire, so do not sit like an ignorant – this is of utmost important.

Below mentioned things are especially useful for beginners


What will not work for meditation

  1. Expecting Immediate Results
  2. Eating too much Tamasic(lethargic) and Rajasic(Agitation) food 
  3. Meditating for very short periods of time (like less than 5minutes)
  4. Most important – Having Arrogance and Ignorance
  5. Meditating in disturbances

What will work for meditation

  1. Have Patience 
  2. Do not do for results – be process oriented not goal oriented
  3. Meditate minimum of 5-15 minutes
  4. Eat natural food (satvic) – Fruits and Vegetables
  5. Stretch the body before meditation (Watch below video on Yoga Namaskar)
  6. Sit in a peaceful and pleasant environment
  7. Do Pranayam (watch below video on Nadi Shuddhi)

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