Yoga is not about twisting the body, it is also about how you keep your mind, body, emotion and energies, so before you sleep make sure you make these four dimensions pleasant. Yoga before bed does not mean doing complex asanas (poses). Generally, these are simple tips which are common in yogic system.

Before sleeping try to touch your feet by bending forward, this will help is smooth pranic flow in your system, which therefore helps to good sleep. Do this very very slowly.

One more thing to do before going to sleep is – just be conscious and aware of the transition state from wakeful state to sleep state. It is not easy but if you do regularly it becomes easy to be conscious of how you go to sleep

Below are the tips given by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Tips to Sleep Well

So before you go to bed in the night, there are certain things that you need to take care of. One simple thing can be just a shower. Always to shower before go to bed. It’ll make a lot of difference. In this weather, maybe cold showers are difficult, so you go for lukewarm shower, don’t go for hot showers in the night.

It’s best if you’re eating meat and other kinds of meals, you eat at least three to four hours before you go to bed; the digestion is over.

Note: Try to do bath just 30mins before bed time and make sure do no bath immediately after meals, atleast give 1hr gap after meals before you go to bath.

It makes you alert, so you will think, ‘Oh, I cannot sleep.’ It doesn’t matter you’ll sleep fifteen, twenty minutes or half-an-hour later, but you will sleep better because it will take away certain things. When you shower, it is not just the dirt on the skin that you’re taking away.

Have you noticed, if you’re very tense and anxious whatever, just a shower, you came out and feel like almost the burden has been taken away from you? Have you not noticed this? So it’s not just about washing the skin. A whole lot of things happen when water flows over your body. This shower is a very rudimentary bhuta shuddhi because over seventy percent of your body is actually water. If you run water over it, a certain purification happens which is beyond cleaning the skin.

Yoga before bed – Meal Times & Sleep Times

It’s best if you’re eating meat and other kinds of meals, you eat at least three to four hours before you go to bed; the digestion is over. Before going to bed, drink a certain amount of water and go to bed; you will see it gets taken care of just like this.

Light a Lamp

One more thing if you want to do, you just light an organic oil lamp, okay? A cotton wick- don’t use something else, a cotton wick – some oil, anything. What do you use here, normal cooking oil? Linseed oil, rice-bran oil or sesame oil, olive oil. Any organic oil with a cotton wick. Just burn one little lamp somewhere in the room where you sleep, you will see these things will completely disappear. If you can bring in a chant or there are nightly yogic practices. Before you go to bed, sit on your bed and do this practice. Or you want to do Isha Kriya, On the net it’s available. You just do Isha Kriya.

Time Is Running Out!

Keep this in your mind that you are truly a mortal, okay? Not in words, really, you could fall dead right now. Yes or no? I’ll bless you with a long life but it’s possible that you or me could fall dead right now. Yes or no? Ah, you may be young, you may be old, it doesn’t matter, you can fall dead right now. Yes or no?

Before you go to bed, sit on your bed and think this is your deathbed, you have just one more minute to live.
Be conscious of mortal nature of our lives is very important, this helps us to really focus on the important thing in life, or else you unconsciously think that you are immortal. 

Yoga tips in the bed, Before You Sleep…

  1. Take a Shower
  2. Don’t Sleep Right After You Eat
  3. Light a Lamp in your room near you
  4. Remind Yourself That you Are Mortal
  5. Keep All That You Have Gathered Aside
  6. Don’t Sleep With Your Head to the North/South

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