Yoga means Union i.e. if you experience the whole Universe as yourself then we say you are in Yoga.

In order to achieve this one needs to raise his/her energies(Kundalini) to the peak, so the best way is to do some Yoga and Meditation regularly like brushing your teeth habit.

Here are the things that one needs to keep in mind to transform to the ultimate

  • The basic simple yogic practices like Yoga Namaskar are equally powerful as that of other advanced yoga poses
  • Learn some Hatha Yoga asanas (Not necessary that you need to learn all, atleast few should be enough to explore the ultimate)
  • Do some regular Pranayama
  • Learn a simple and life changing kriya like Shambhavi Mahamudra from a Guru (Like Inner Engineering from Sadhguru)

Below first three videos talk on what is yoga and the fourth one is on Upa Yoga sessions and Isha Kriyas – which has some set of yogic practices to do – they are very simple and effective

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